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D.J. Kirkland: Comic Book Artist and Illustrator

Opening the floodgates to you all for any and all questions you may have for me. Don’t be shy, ask away!

I just found you last week because your Smash tees, and I LOVE them! Got the Blondes & Blades and Short People Need Love! Your artwork is great! I wish i could buy them all! T.T Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much!!!! Be sure to tell your friends about ‘em too! 

I forgot to post Monday’s Super Smash Shirt design, Pac-Man & MegaMan and today’s design is Palutena and Zelda! Snap ‘em up on TeePublic!

Nothing says water princess like sparkles! Here’s Princess Ruto from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! I can’t wait to play as her in Hyrule Warriors! 

These two guys look like they’re going to dish out even more damage in Smash 4! Snap a picture and tweet me @OhHeyDJ on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #supersmashselfie when you get your shirt over at TeePublic!

Marth and Lucario mean serious business. Grab the shirt over on TeePublic! Snap a picture and tweet me @OhHeyDJ on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #supersmashselfie when you get your shirt!

Happy Tuesday y’all! Today’s Super Smash Shirt design is Robin and Pikachu! Go grab it today on TeePublic!

Happy Monday y’all! Today’s Super Smash Shirt design is Zero Suit Samus and Yoshi. Go grab it today on TeePublic!

I never thought that I would get such a positive response from these shirts. You guys motivate me to make more, and I will! But for now, if you haven’t bought your Super Smash Shirts yet from series one, be sure to get yours today on TeePublic!

Happy Friday guys! It’s not just one design, it’s TWO! Get your Super Smash Shirts today over at TeePublic!

A little later than I’d like but here is today’s (what’s left of it) shirt design! Zelda and Mario are going to be pissed when they see this. Get your shirt at the sale price of $14 within the next 72 hours over at TeePublic! <3

Day 3 of my Super Smash Bros. Illustrations week. Sheik and Greninja are ready for battle and your body at TeePublic! Grab your shirt for $14 by Friday!

Are the rest of the designs that come out this week also going to be tshirts?

Asked by brwhyan

Yeah! All the Smash designs will shirts! <3

You guys asked and you shall receive! My Smash Bros. designs are NOW available as t-shirts on TeePublic! They’re on sale for $14 for the next 72 hours and will go up to $20 after that. Grab ‘em now!

Do you have a deviantart? Also, great art style!!

Asked by haloprime

Thank you! I do have a DA account, but I haven’t used it in years. I think I have more visibility here.